The whole truth about trading tips and calls

What is a trading tips or calls ? It is simply information about when, for which financial instrument and in which direction a position should be opened. It is understood that the provider of trading tips  conducts a serious analysis of the market, on the basis of which it issues them.

What are trading tips or calls for?

If you find a really good call provider, for example a professional trader who has been trading stable for several years, then his calls can be very useful. Working on such call, you will be able to make a percentage profit comparable to the profit of this trader.

However, in this case, it will not be enough for you to follow the received calls exactly and consistently. In addition, it is imperative to strictly adhere to a certain money management system. After all, no matter how accurate the calls you receive, you should always have a certain margin of safety.

By margin of safety, I mean not only the amount of trading capital, but also the percentage of risk that is assigned to each trade.

Agree, it is one thing to risk half of your deposit (50%) in each transaction, and quite another to lay on the risk of 2-5% of it. In the first case, you will be knocked out of the game after two unsuccessful trades in a row, and in the second, you will be able to relatively calmly survive a losing streak of ten losing positions.

Are there accurate trading tips?

What is Precision in Trading? In fact, the whole process of stock trading is based on forecasts, and the forecast, whatever one may say, cannot be accurate in all 100% of cases. However, a 60/40 ratio (where 60% are profitable trades, 40% are unprofitable) will be considered good accuracy for any trader. Naturally, the ratio of the TAKE PROFIT ( tp ) and STOP LOSS ( sl ) levels for all 100% of transactions must satisfy the condition tp > = sl .

So, calls of sufficient accuracy certainly exist, but it is rather difficult to find a provider of such calls. In addition, even having found such a provider , you should be prepared for the fact that about half of all transactions recommended by him will end up unprofitable.

You must be prepared for the fact that at one fine moment a whole series of losing trades will follow. And of course, you always need to have a so-called emergency exit plan.

By an emergency exit plan, I mean that set of conditions, or such a set of circumstances, in which you should immediately stop trading – take a time out. For example, this can be done for a given number of losing trades in a row, or when the trading capital drops to a certain critical value.

However, here, you should also bear in mind the fact that if a really good and sufficiently experienced trader delivers calls to you, then for a stable income from them, it will be enough only to manage your trading capital correctly.

An experienced trader, as a rule, always crawls out of losses, and therefore jumping off the train ahead of time (getting out in an emergency), you risk missing out on a number of really profitable trades. So a compromise has to be found here. The more reason you have to trust the source of trading tips (trader, website, etc.), the further you can move the emergency exit border. Conversely, if your source of trading tips has not yet earned a certain degree of trust, then you need to “jump” from it without waiting for strong drawdowns.

Analytics of trading tips 

When you receive a calls  from a provider, you have the opportunity to analyze it from the point of view of technical and (or) fundamental analysis. This kind of analysis will help you not only filter out obviously ridiculous trading calls, but also provide an opportunity for professional growth as a trader (and in the future you will no longer need any tips in trading).

By the way, this way you also get a unique opportunity to “calculate” the trading strategy, according to which the calls that you trade are received by. After all, the source of reliable calls is unlikely to spread much about its trading strategy, and you, analyzing each of the received calls separately, have all the chances in order to eventually get the general picture of which they are separate strokes.

Having got your hands on not only calls, but also the trading strategy itself, you become independent from the source. It is always better to learn to “fish” yourself, than to depend on the mood of a kind uncle who sometimes feeds you to her.

There are many free and paid trading tips available. Moreover, the payment for information does not always guarantee its quality and reliability. There are many adventurous fellows selling supposedly accurate trading tips under the guise of serious brokers, traders .

It’s one thing when tips are given for the purpose, for example, to promote your website or blog. In this case, the trader blogger is directly interested in the quality of the information offered to his readers. Here his reputation is at stake, and therefore he will think three times about whether or not it is worth publishing this kind of content. In such cases, the main goal is not to collect the maximum money from subscribers, but to attract as many regular readers as possible to your Internet resource. You can trust such calls (trust, but nonetheless verify).

It’s another matter when some would-be trader, after draining his next deposit, suddenly decides to retrain as a “trading guru”. The unspoken motto of this kind of thugs says: I don’t know how to trade – I will teach (for money, of course, because you still need to earn money somehow).

This is the kind of teacher you should beware of more than fire, because the only consequence of communicating with them will be a significant relief of your wallet. Although no, not the only one. In addition, such “gurus” will fill your head with a whole bunch of unnecessary, and worse, utterly distorted “knowledge”.

Can I Trust Trading tips or call?

There is a funny story about this that happened in the west in the last century. One enterprising gentleman (let’s call him Deepak) has amassed a client base of 100 stock exchange traders. After that, he sent them free forecasts for the stock of company N (count trading calls). Moreover, in one half of the forecasts, he promised a rise in prices and advised to buy these shares, and in the other half of the forecasts, on the contrary, he promised a decline and advised to sell. After a while, one of the scenarios came true (stocks either rose or fell in price). Then Deepak threw out from his client base the addresses of those traders to whom he sent the wrong forecast, and he again divided the remaining traders (who received the correct forecast) into two groups and repeated it all over again. Thus, as a result of these manipulations, in the end, he had the addresses of several traders who received only accurate forecasts. Then he offered them to buy the next forecast for serious money (after all, it’s worth it, the previous recommendations turned out to be 100% correct!). It is clear that this last forecast was again taken from the ceiling and sent to gullible simpletons (who also paid a decent amount of money for it). Draw your own conclusions: -)

Is it worth using trading tips or call?

So use trading tips or not? Everyone has their own answer to this question. Many people use trading tips because of banal laziness. They want someone else’s uncle to do all the work for them (make them rich and happy). But this does not happen. No trader is completely insured against defeat and bankruptcy.

It’s up to you, of course, to decide, Rely only on yourself. Now you would think, We also providing calls and tip. Let me clarify this, We’re not providing calls and tips like everyone providing. We try to provide best stocks after research with levels and chart one day before market. So now you have enough time to research on those stocks and prepare your trading plan for next day. This is universal truth, no one can forecast stock market 100% right.

When you have money, there are a lot of advisors and assistants, and when the money runs out, no one will help. Ultimately, the responsibility for everything that happens in your life lies completely and absolutely only on yourself. I wish you success, good luck and stable profit!

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