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Last Updated atTickerSignalLast Price
18-Oct-21 15:15:00EXIDEIND Sell185
18-Oct-21 14:30:00CESCBuy98
18-Oct-21 14:30:00BRITANNIA Sell3853
18-Oct-21 14:15:00RAMCOCEMBuy1022.9
18-Oct-21 14:00:00AMBUJACEMBuy415.25
18-Oct-21 13:45:00DLFBuy448.5
18-Oct-21 13:15:00COROMANDEL Sell852.3
18-Oct-21 13:15:00GODREJCP Sell1016.6
18-Oct-21 12:30:00MARICO Sell577.8
18-Oct-21 12:15:00NATIONALUMBuy121.7
18-Oct-21 12:15:00BOSCHLTD Sell17805
18-Oct-21 12:00:00CHOLAFINBuy609.8
18-Oct-21 12:00:00ABBOTINDIABuy21986.9
18-Oct-21 11:45:00RELIANCEBuy2727
18-Oct-21 11:30:00TECHMBuy1461
18-Oct-21 11:30:00TATACHEMBuy1155.5
18-Oct-21 11:30:00GSPLBuy322.45
18-Oct-21 11:15:00APOLLOTYREBuy246.95
18-Oct-21 11:00:00ICICIPRULIBuy670.5
18-Oct-21 11:00:00AARTIINDBuy1145
18-Oct-21 10:45:00WHIRLPOOL Sell2434.95
18-Oct-21 10:30:00SRTRANSFINBuy1400.6
18-Oct-21 10:30:00PFCBuy153.2
18-Oct-21 10:30:00DRREDDY Sell4889
18-Oct-21 10:30:00WHIRLPOOL Sell2436.65
18-Oct-21 10:30:00MRF Sell84954.1
18-Oct-21 10:30:00LICHSGFINBuy454.4
18-Oct-21 10:00:00GUJGASLTDBuy640.35
18-Oct-21 10:00:00SRF Sell2392.85
18-Oct-21 09:45:00TORNTPOWERBuy525.85
18-Oct-21 09:45:00RBLBANKBuy196.8
18-Oct-21 09:45:00ONGCBuy163.7
18-Oct-21 09:45:00GUJGASLTDBuy639.85
18-Oct-21 09:45:00GLENMARK Sell522.6