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Last Updated atTickerSignalLast Price
05-Aug-21 15:30:00NATIONALUMBuy96.6
05-Aug-21 15:30:00ASTRAL Sell2190.1
05-Aug-21 15:15:00SHREECEM Sell28919.25
05-Aug-21 15:15:00JINDALPOLYBuy1119.55
05-Aug-21 14:00:00SAILBuy143.15
05-Aug-21 14:00:00MANAPPURAM Sell210
05-Aug-21 12:30:00IEX Sell417.65
05-Aug-21 12:30:00OIL Sell163.6
05-Aug-21 12:30:00CHOLAFINBuy527.9
05-Aug-21 12:15:00JSWSTEELBuy754.7
05-Aug-21 12:00:00FEDERALBNK Sell86.05
05-Aug-21 12:00:00AUBANKBuy1254.15
05-Aug-21 11:45:00MANAPPURAM Sell210.1
05-Aug-21 11:30:00PVR Sell1358.2
05-Aug-21 10:30:00GODREJPROP Sell1602.65
05-Aug-21 10:15:00ASIANPAINT Sell2995.05
05-Aug-21 10:15:00OBEROIRLTY Sell705
05-Aug-21 10:00:00DLF Sell346.5
05-Aug-21 10:00:00OBEROIRLTY Sell706
05-Aug-21 10:00:00LT Sell1610
05-Aug-21 09:45:00ASHOKLEY Sell134.7
05-Aug-21 09:45:00TORNTPHARM Sell3061.9
05-Aug-21 09:45:00RECLTD Sell153.1
05-Aug-21 09:30:00NTPC Sell116.4
05-Aug-21 09:45:00MPHASISBuy2740.85
05-Aug-21 09:45:00ASIANPAINT Sell2995.05
05-Aug-21 09:30:00UPL Sell776.1
05-Aug-21 09:30:00TORNTPHARM Sell3061.5
05-Aug-21 09:30:00TITAN Sell1777.15
05-Aug-21 09:30:00TECHMBuy1231.1
05-Aug-21 09:30:00TATAELXSI Sell4221
05-Aug-21 09:30:00ONGC Sell115
05-Aug-21 09:30:00OBEROIRLTY Sell705.8
05-Aug-21 09:30:00LTTSBuy3695
05-Aug-21 09:30:00COALINDIA Sell142.5
05-Aug-21 09:30:00APOLLOHOSP Sell4047.55
05-Aug-21 09:30:00UBL Sell1440.7
05-Aug-21 09:15:00MRF Sell80199.95
05-Aug-21 09:30:00MPHASISBuy2738.5
05-Aug-21 09:15:00FSL Sell198.2
05-Aug-21 09:15:00CRISIL Sell2821.05
05-Aug-21 09:15:00BHEL Sell55.8
05-Aug-21 09:15:00BHARATFORG Sell788
05-Aug-21 09:15:00BATAINDIA Sell1641.35
05-Aug-21 09:15:00BALRAMCHIN Sell337.2
05-Aug-21 09:15:00AMARAJABAT Sell716.35
05-Aug-21 09:15:00ADANIPORTS Sell690.85
05-Aug-21 09:15:00ADANIENT Sell1421.25
05-Aug-21 09:15:00AARTIIND Sell931.7
05-Aug-21 09:15:00AARTIDRUGS Sell663.8
05-Aug-21 09:15:00VEDL Sell307.25
05-Aug-21 09:15:00TITAN Sell1776.75
05-Aug-21 09:15:00TATAMOTORS Sell294.9
05-Aug-21 09:15:00NMDC Sell176.6
05-Aug-21 09:15:00MAHABANK Sell21.15
05-Aug-21 09:15:00LALPATHLABBuy3980.15
05-Aug-21 09:15:00IOC Sell104.05
05-Aug-21 09:15:00IOB Sell23.05
05-Aug-21 09:15:00INDIAGLYCO Sell697.45
05-Aug-21 09:15:00HINDPETRO Sell268.55
05-Aug-21 09:15:00EXIDEIND Sell172.25
05-Aug-21 09:15:00ENDURANCE Sell1739.05
05-Aug-21 09:15:00EICHERMOTBuy2694.6
05-Aug-21 09:15:00CANBK Sell154.7
05-Aug-21 09:15:00BOSCHLTD Sell14892.25
05-Aug-21 09:15:00BHARTIARTLBuy586.9
05-Aug-21 09:15:00BAJAJFINSV Sell14140.05
05-Aug-21 09:15:00ASTRAL Sell2170.15
05-Aug-21 09:15:00APLLTD Sell780.8
04-Aug-21 15:15:00PFIZER Sell5885