How much do you determine the value of shares? 

How much do you determine the value of shares? This question concerns many investors.

There are several ways to value a share. Some investors focus on the net asset value, while others attach a lot of value to the price development. In this article I show how I fundamentally value a company and which characteristics I consider important.

My stock valuation has several steps, which I will discuss separately:

  1. How sustainable is the business product?
  2. What are the advantages of the company over the competition?
  3. What kind of return does the company get from the invested capital?
  4. How does the company invest its available capital?
  5. How much do I pay for the share in relation to the assets?
  6. The value of growth
  7. What does the market think and do I have a different opinion?
  8. Conclusion: what is the share worth?
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