Do you have these stocks in your portfolio which are largely invested by FIIs?

You are all always interested to know which stock holding did foreign institutional investors increase? In simple terms, which stocks did FII buy the most in the last few quarter .If  I see the recent data in this quarter on which five stocks FII invested the most in. Today I am going to talk about the five companies in which FIIs have increased their stak.

 Jubilant Foodworks Ltd –

This company’s current share price trades at Rs. 2174. In the last year, this company has given more than 50% return to its investors. Means even during a difficult time, this company could make a good return last year. The interesting fact, the company controls Dominos not only in India but also in  Sri lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh. Jubilant  Food works  made a really good return for its investors in the last sometime.

Talking about its financials, PE ratio is 85 which is higher in comparison with its peers. The market cap of this company is around Rs 25000 Cr. Talking about its quarterly results, its net sales have gone down from Rs  949 Cr in June 2019 to Rs 909 Cr .but the main impact here can be seen on its net profit.Net Profit has come down from 72 Cr in June 2019 to 33 Cr now. Means  lesser  than 50% now.

The reason could be a negative impact on it by Coronavirus.  but investors are hopeful once the corona situation is sorted, the company will bounce back. thus the company has not released its quarterly results yet but its share price has started going up.  FIIs own more than 35% of its shareholding. We can see a 5% increment from the last quarter. This company is in the first place for a company where FIIs have invested the most in the last quarter.

Berger Paints India Ltd

Out of its total ownership, 11.11% belongs to FIIs. In the last quarter, they increased their stake by 3.95%.which makes it the second company wherein FIIs invested the most. Lets talk about Berger Paints in detail. Its share price trades around Rs 604 . This company has given its stakeholders more than 50%  returns  last year.

This company’s PE ratio is around 110, you might feel its really high. but if I compare it with its peers, say Asian Paints, even its PE ratio is above 90%in comparison, it’s still high, but if you see any paint companies they usually have a high PE ratio. This company’s market capitalization is around Rs 54000 Cr. Talking about its recent quarterly June its quarterly result wasn’t good. cause it reported sales of Rs 931 Cr in comparison with its June 2019, Qtr Rs 1717 Cr. which is almost 45 to 50% down.

The company’s net profit in June 2019 Qtr  was Rs 177 Cr. which has now lessened to Rs 15 Cr in June 2020 Qtr. You can see a big drift in this companies  sales  and in this company’s profit. This companies’ operating profit margin has lessened from 18% to 9%. Here we can see a 50% cut.

RBL Bank

Out of total ownership, FIIs have 30% which has now incremented by 3.75%.  making  it the third company in our list . Let’s talk in detail about RBL Bank. RBL Bank used to trade at Rs 800 four years back, now it’s trading at Rs 174. It’s trading at 50% lesser than before. Talking  about  its financials. RBL Bank’s market capitalization is around R s  9000 Cr and its book value is said to be around Rs 200.

Now talking about its recent quarterly results on how it performed in June.  In June this company reported a revenue  of  Rs 2200 Cr in June Qtr 2020 and its net profit is around Rs 141 Cr. For a good comparison, we need to compare it with June 2019 Qtr. its Revenue has increased from 2000 Cr to 2200 Cr and its Net Profit has decreased from 267 Cr to 141 Cr.  It’s a good dip in the Net Profit. If I talk about its Net NPA here, it reported Gross NPA June Qtr as 3.45% in 2020.

Net NPA currently is at 1.65% in comparison its Net NPA has increased by 0.65. Gross NPA has increased by 1.38% to 3.24% thus these numbers have deteriorated in comparison with the past.  but Net NPA, Gross NPA has increased in the last few months for all banks cause of increase in provisioning. due to moratorium, this can be a reason for its Gross NPA and Net NPA increasing.

ICICI Lombard general insurance company 

Out of total ownership, FIIs have 26.61% which has now increased by 3.22% in June qtr. ICICI Lombard general insurance company share price is currently trading at Rs1231. In the last one year, the return has been 50% for its investors.

During March when the COVID was at its peak, this company has created a dip by Rs 826. From there the company has gone up by 58%. If you would have invested in March, your return would have been 58%.  But I do not recommend trading, I believe in investing for a longer time. ICICI Lombard’s market capitalization is around Rs 60000 Cr.

Its PE ratio is around 47%. Let’s talk about this company’s quaterly financial results, then sales this quarter was Rs 2832 Cr. If we compare it with June 2019, it was Rs 2782 Cr. It has incremented from 2019.Net profit in June 2019 was Rs 310 Cr which has now increased to Rs 398 Cr. In the case of Net Profit, we can see a fine increment if we compare it with same quarter of last financial year.


Out of its total ownership, FIIs have 10.97%. It has incremented by 3.25% in the last quarter. Thermax  Ltd’s current share price is around Rs 782. If you compare it with last year’s performance, it has given -25% return  to its investors. Cause  before one year its share was Rs 1060.

The market capitalization of this company is around Rs 9400 Cr. Its PE ratio is around 70.Talking about where this company does business, in company’s portfolio boilers, heaters, power pumps. and solar equipment, air pollution regarding equipment are made by them.

This company has negligible debt cause of which you can call it virtually debt-free. In June qtr, its results haven’t been good. Its sales have come down from Rs 1392 Cr to Rs 665 Cr. Its net profit which was at 63 Cr, in the recent quarter they have booked a loss of Rs 15 Cr.



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