PPAP Automotive Ltd (PPAP) Share Price Target Tomorrow| Prediction | Forecast for Intraday

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The last closing price of PPAP is 217.9 at 01-Dec-22 3:15:00 PM. We are providing PPAP share price target on Intraday basis. These levels and targets calculated on the last 15mins candle. Current Support of PPAP is 215.1 and Resistance is 217.8 on 15mins basis.

Live PPAP share price target And Buy/Sell Levels

Last Updated at Last Price Buy Above Short Below
01-Dec-22 3:15:00 PM 217.9 217.8 215.1

For Intraday purpose:

Buying can be above 217.8 And PPAP share price target can be 219.11, 220.41, 222.16

Shorting can be below 215.1 And PPAP share price target can be 213.81, 212.52, 210.8

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There is more information given below of the stock's detailed Technical analysis with the help of all indicators.

Technical Analysis of PPAP

Last Updated at: 01-Dec-22 9:20:00 AM

Short Moving Average(21 Days)

PPAP is Bullish on short moving average. Short moving average period is 21 Days.

Medium Moving Average(50 Days)

PPAP is Bullish on Medium moving average. Medium moving average period is 50 Days.

Long Moving Average(100 Days)

PPAP is Bullish on Long moving average. Medium moving average period is 100 Days.


PPAP is Bullish on MACD indicator. MACD Stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence.It is a trend following momentum indicator. For calculation three moving averages are taken which are 9 day EMA, 12 day EMA & 26 day EMA.


PPAP is Bullish on Aroon indicator. The Aroon indicator is a technical indicator that is used to identify trend changes in the price of an asset, as well as the strength of that trend. In essence, the indicator measures the time between highs and the time between lows over a time period


PPAP is Bullish on Stochastic indicator.

Bolinger Band

PPAP is Neutral on Bolinger Band.
PPAP Profile
Sector: Producer Manufacturing
Industry: Auto Parts: OEM
Employees: 1674
PPAP Automotive Ltd. manufactures and markets automotive sealing systems, exterior, and interior products. The automotive sealing products include Weather Strip Outer, Weather Strip Inner Molding Roof, Molding Windshield, Air Spoiler, Trim Door Opening, and Rail Component Side Door. It also engages in the production of automotive injection molded products like Door Trims, Interior Pillars, Rear Parcel Shelf, Trunk Linings, and Fender Inner. The company was founded by Devendra Chandra Jain, Asha Jain, and Vinay Kumari Jain on April 3, 1978 and is headquartered in Noida, India.